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Updated May and June ATV Club Ride and Camp-out information.
As of May 20, 2019

May 22 to May 26, Arizona Strip Camp-out: Canceled due to inclement weather. Reset to the below date.
May 29 to June 4, Arizona Strip Camp-out, NEW DATE

Trailer units to the Poverty Admin site on the Arizona Strip for 3 days of OHV riding. Rides to be determined below.
To convoy to this camp-out meet Wednesday May 29, at the Fredonia closed port of entry at 7:00 AM departing at 7:15 AM sharp.

Remember make sure of your air pressures in your vehicles, bring spare tire(s) and the necessary tools. This is a tough trip, so take it slow. Many are planning to leave on Wednesday May 29. Don’t forget to RSVP your attendance and/or your date and time of arrival for day rides.

Directions to camp: Drive to Hurricane, UT. Top off fuel, groceries, etc., if needed. Staying on SR 59 out of Hurricane; about 67 miles from Kanab. Depending on which way you choose to go.
Option one: just past the Hurricane Walmart turn left on the Sand Hollow Road towards Sand Hollow State Park at the signal. Continue towards Sand Hollow State Park and after passing the park entrance at about 7 miles which takes you to the Southern Parkway SR 7. Turn to the right on the parkway and continue. This route bypasses Washington City, St George and I-15. There are no services once you leave Hurricane. Continue for 15 miles staying on the parkway to the River Road Exit.
Option Two: Continue to I-15 head southbound through St George to exit #2. Exit I-15 and keep to the left over the interstate continue 3 miles to the River Road exit.

Both options; and from St George, turn onto the River Road, S/B which immediately becomes an improved gravel road. Continue S/B you will now be on BLM 1069. You almost immediately enter Arizona and you should stay on BLM road 1069. Now southbound you begin climbing a grade (dugway) continuing over Quail Hill making sure you stay on BLM 1069 through Main Street Valley. Slow down on the washboard grade if necessary. You will note there are now mile posts along this route.
At mile post #38 bear to the right past the corrals and cattle guard. This will be at 38 miles. Reset your odometer to 0.
The sign arrows say to Mt. Dellenbaugh and Parasant/Oak Grove go that way. Now you are on BLM 103, later becoming Parasant NP Route #3. There will be several grades and descents to negotiate but the road is in good condition if dry. At mile 16 at the top of the hill you will find the first possible camp site, look for the ATV Club sign on the road entrance if we are there. If you see no sign continue another two miles to mile 18 to the Poverty Admin. Site. Look for the ATV Club sign there. (Total miles inbound on gravel/dirt about 54 miles).
Thursday it was raining, if wet these roads can become very slick in places and not advised for trailers.
We will be watching the weather, for the conditions.

Rides: 1. Kelly Point - Thursday
           2. Grand Gulch Mine - Friday
           3. To be determined - Saturday

Rides Times:
Rides departing at 7:30 AM Thursday, on Friday and Saturday morning 9:00 AM. Rides determined by the Trail Boss.

Social Events:
Thursday Evening, Ice Cream and Cookies at 6:00 PM
Friday Evening, Camp Chile’s served, fire-grilled Sausages, pot luck sides and snacks. 5:30 PM       


  • Because we will be on County roads in Arizona, machines should be street legal. (not required if only traveling on BLM roads.)
  • Bring extra firewood, water, and gas.
  • Dog rule: animals kept under control by owners.
  • Ride ideas presented to Trail Boss for consideration.

Confirm your attendance by emailing: utazatvclubrides@gmail.com

Signed up for camp-out:

  1. Bain Swapp, Lila Rae
  2. Sam & Jan Smith
  3. Ken & Susie Hodson
  4. Tony & Linda Wright
  5. Mark Habbeshaw

June 2019

Please note; the June 1, Saturday ATV Club ride: is rescheduled to.

June 15, Saturday ATV Club ride.

Rally at the now vacant Windgate facility or (Old Stampin-Up) 8 miles east of Kanab. Just before Johnson Canyon turn-off.
On the south side of US 89.
Be there by 8:00 AM, departing at 8:30 AM

Driving our outfits to Seaman Wash for staging and departure.
This is an easy ride, for those who have not seen Petrified Hollow, Eagle Sink, been on Buckskin Mountain, seen the awesome view from the Great Western Trail where the Great Western Trail comes off the Buckskin. (Views from Kanab to Navajo Mountain). Ride down the historic Honeymoon Trail, and see the Honeymoon Trail Memorial, going through Pioneer Gap at Navajo Wells. Well this is your chance, bring your lunch and tour these historic sites at your leisure. Ride distance about 40 miles.
Guide: SR Smith

JUNE 11 to 12, 2019 ATV Club OHV Overnight Ride to Escalante: Tuesday ride from Nephi Pasture Staging area. Staging at 7:00 AM, at the vacant Windgate parking lot 8 miles east of Kanab on US 89, south side of highway - departure 7:30 AM sharp. The Skutumpah Road is posted closed at the Bull Valley Gorge bridge. As a result of this it is necessary to stage from Big Water. 

ATV Club members time to plan for our 2019 overnight ride to Escalante

JUNE 11 to 12, 2019

ATV Club OHV Overnight Ride: Tuesday and Wednesday, to Escalante overnight. and return.

Rally Point: From Kanab: Meet at the Windgate parking lot off US 89, 8 miles east of Kanab 7:00 to 7:30 AM. Departing immediately at 7:30 AM.

Trailer our rigs to Big Water (meeting any other riders from the Page area), at the Big Water turn off arriving at about 8:30 AM) We will be departing from Big Water immediately. The staging is just off US 89 at the Smokey Mountain road turnoff.

Make your Motel Reservations early: Rooms at the Prospector Inn, Escalante, UT. They take telephone reservations and can be cancelled up to a day before. Phone: 435 826-4653(Tell them you are with the UT/AZ ATV Club from Kanab, UT). There are already a number of reservations made, so mention you are with our ATV Club.
The ATV Club will have two emergency medical kits and our GPS Spot emergency locators.

The Ride: Via the Croton Road returning or via the Smokey Mountain road. (The route is determined by the Trail Boss, Bain Swapp and may be reversed). This ride is a favorite of the Club. It is a strenuous and lengthy ride in both directions. This ride is for veteran riders.
Ride rated difficult: due to possible washed out areas, very steep grades, heights, weather conditions and lengths which are estimated to be, 100 plus miles going up the Croton road and 80 plus miles, or longer, from Escalante back to the staging area via the Smokey Mtn. Road.

This ride accommodates all OHV widths. Check your OHV’s mechanical condition, Bring extra gas, lunches and personal gear. Be prepared for all weather conditions. This ride can be extremely dusty, but may change in a minute to mud, or flash flood conditions. Not recommended for the new rider, or people with height vertigo. 
Ride Description: Upon leaving Big Water on the Smokey Mtn. Road, we will be heading NE, the scenery becomes immediately outstanding with views across Lake Powell, Navajo Mountain to the south into Arizona. We continue below the stark gray cliffs, then finding gold sandstone with unusual beauty and hoodoos used as the background in numerous movies. Turning off the Smokey Mtn. road we go onto the Croton Road #340 going towards 50 Mile Mtn. After a long ride, we reach the turn off to the north. The long climb up the Croton Road begins and goes through some of Utah’s most interesting geological areas, called the burning hills. On top, we will stop at a Cliff House Anasazi pueblo ruin before dropping off into Left Hand Collet Canyon. Taking this route out to the Hole in the Rock road and turning north towards Escalante. The ride along the Hole in the Rock road is fast pace. Look for Devils Garden to the left. Watch the traffic of the tourists along this stretch. We soon reach the Cedar Wash road taking us to Escalante, passing Cedar Wash Arch and Covered Wagon Natural Arch.
Upon reaching Escalante, fuel up your OHV, buy your snacks, there is a Subway there in Escalante at the Phillips 66 Station. The group usually goes to dinner at 6:30PM driving our OHV’s to the Cowboy Blues up the street from the Prospector Inn. (There is restaurant at the Prospector Inn, as of last year, we may go there). Just across the street is the Circle D Eatery which is also a nice restaurant where we generally eat our breakfast. Food and time decisions are better left to the ladies. 
Warning: Do not go into the restaurant and say you are in a group; they add a 18% gratuity even though you are seated at different tables

Saturday Morning: We start rallying at around 8:30 AM in the parking lot of the Prospector Inn Motel.
 Make sure you are fueled up, got your lunch, and are ready to depart at 9:00 AM Sharp. Please let the Trail Boss know if there are any change of plans.
We will depart up Utah SR: 12 to the west a short distance to the turn off to the Smokey Mountain Road, #300. You enter the colorful canyonlands along Alvey Wash, passing the turn-off to Death Ridge. The road is fast paced with stops to look at a few Anasazi granaries. Once you reach Smokey Mountain it becomes rougher and rockier. It can be tough going if wet even for OHV’s. Out on the mesa we pass ‘Heads of the Creeks’ road and Pilot Knoll. Soon we will pass a turn off to the namesake of Smokey Mtn. the coal seam holes which emit the very pungent smoke of these ancient fires. We reach the Kelly Grade, such a dugway which defies imagination. Caution; make sure your machine is okay and the brakes are working. Once down this 8-mile grade we are back to the long and usually hot ride back to Big Water, and our staging area via the previous day’s route in reverse.
(It is a good idea to have a cooler with cold beverages awaiting you in your vehicle).

Riders rule: 
It is the discretion of the guide to use the “Drop System”. Either way, each person is responsible to make sure that the following rider is aware of all turns. Stop and make sure that the following rider knows where you are going. (Look for a hand wave and respond likewise). If the rider following you does not appear; stop and wait, eventually the entire group will stop. Do not follow too close, moderate your speeds and distances. Please keep pace with the rider ahead of you so not to slow down the following riders. If you are unsure of your ability ‘stop’ and ask for assistance. 

1. Bain Swapp, Linda Wilson Rzr 50”
2. Tony Wright, Rzr
3. Sam & Jan Smith, Rzr, 2 UP
4. Ken Hodson, Rzr, , Rzr, 2 UP2 Up
5. Ken & Vicki Kunhi, 4 Up
6. Brett & Janett Roberts, Can Am, 2 Up
7. Chris & Gail Dvorak
8. Keith Walton & Randy Kyhn; Ranger or Polaris
9. Bob Gurr, CamAm – ATV
10. Keith Perkins, Polaris - ATV


Members note:

To review the schedule for the Planning for the 2019 Rides, Camp-out's and special events. (Updated 4-22-19) Go to the Rides/Camp-Outs roll over tab on the top of the home page. Then click on 2019 Rides/Camp-Outs Schedule.



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Next Meeting

Next ATV Club Meeting: June 20, 2019

June 20, Club Meeting: 6:00 PM. Rancho’s City Park. Please note that at 6:00 PM Hamburgers and pot luck sides to be served prior to the meeting.
The Club has decided to eat first then conduct the meeting afterwards. So be there by 6:00 PM when the burgers go on. Don’t forget to buy split the pot raffle tickets. This is how we pay for our Hamburgers and condiments.


Meet the ATV Club's officers for 2019 and 2020.

President: Tony Wright.
Vice-President: Ray Wells.
2nd Vice-President: Linda Wilson.
Treasurer: Betty Herlacher.
Secretary: Patty Kubeja.

Do not forget to renew your dues.

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