Upcoming Events: updated August 7, 2020

For your information: below is the original draft of the planned rides and events for the 2020 calender year. Be aware this was a draft subject to changes due to the virus.  Remember all lined out events were cancelled due to the Wuhan Virus and restrictions imposed.

____AUGUST: 2020

August 1, ATV Club Saturday Ride. departing at 7:30AM from the Veterinarians Parking area, old Stampin-Up 8-miles east of Kanab on US89.Trailering to Johnson Canyon corrals to stage, ride Kaibab loop Great Western Trail, Orderville Canyon to Jacob Lake for lunch returning via a different route.

August 11 to 13, ATV Club overnight two nights in Escalante. Cancelled 


August 20, Club Meeting: 6:00 PM: Hamburger dinner, Meeting follows. Rancho’s City Park. Hamburgers please bring your potluck sides to be served prior to the meeting. Tentatively scheduled.


Aunt Sue’s Lunch Ride – UT/AZ ATV Club - 8/22/2020 – Saturday Ride. (Rescheduled)
Pre-ride notes, draft 6/30/20 Note: the USFS installed 72” width restriction bars north of Duck Creek Village Lunch at Aunt Sue’s will be about 1:30 to 2:00 PM (if we move along).
Light breakfast or snacks are a good idea.
LEAVE PROMPTLY at 7:30 AM from the truck inspection station north of Kanab.
Take Hwy 89 north to Hwy 14 (turn left at Todd’s Junction toward Duck Creek Village); turn right on Mammoth Creek Rd (#50 before reaching Duck Creek Village).
Drive Mammoth Creek Road to Hwy 143. Turn left on 143. Go west 4.7 miles to forest road #240 (across from the Sidney Valley Rd). Unload just south of Hwy 143 on #240 at approx. 8:45 AM.
Zero trip meter. 0 mile. South on #240. Stay right (do not take left on #1685). Cross Mammoth Creek Bridge in about ¼ mile. #1686 – turn left - Tommy Creek Loop. Trail #4 (blue); follow trail #4 all the way to trail #1 just south of Duck Creek Village 3.4 mile. Dead Lake. Short walk 4.8 Mile. Jensen Sawmill (1898) & Old Sorrel Trail 5.8 mile. #196/trail #40 intersection. Turn right on trail #40, Reeds Valley Trail. Go 2 miles, turn around at #381/trail #1 intersection. Go back down to Tommy Creek Loop Trail #4. 9.8 mile. Back at Tommy Loop Trail #4/#196 – turn right on #196 11.7 mile. Go past #196 on left (#196 left goes to Mammoth Creek subdivision), stay right to catch #476 (trail #4) 12.5 mile.
Stay right on #476 past #464 (#464 also goes to Mammoth Creek subdivision) 13.9 mile. Turn right on #626/#232 (right), (#232 left goes to Hwy 50. Right goes to Henrie Knolls) 14.4 mile. #232/trail #42 – turn right - up and back to Henrie Knolls (9256 elevation) (volcano).
Group photo opportunity (line vehicles up for photo) 16.9 mile. #493- turn right from Henrie Knolls, trail 42 Note: routing is confusing south of Henry Knoll.
Maps do not always match up with what is on the ground #493 changes to #626 - stay left to catch #626. Stay left on #626 at #970 (DO NOT TAKE #970 to the right) 20.4 mile. #612 – stay right on #612, trail #4 (do not take #630) 21.3 mile. #612/#1550 intersection. Stay left on #612, trail #4 22.5 mile. Go past 2054 on the left (Bowers Flat). Stay on trail #4 23.4 mile. Stay on trail #4. Go past #2054 on the right (dead end)
24 mile. (3.5 hours out). #2024/Hwy 50 intersection - cross Mammoth paved road #50 (Lava Flat Campground) 25.1 mile.
Stay right on Tommy Creek Loop, trail #4. Do not take trail #43 25.6 mile. #1745 - go straight past #1745 (#1745 goes to Hwy 50) 26.9 mile. Turn right on trail #1, Markagunt Plateau Trail to Duck Creek village 28.6 mile. (4 hours from start).
Arrive approx. 1:30 - 2:00 PM for lunch at Aunt Sue’s in Duck Creek Village) 28.6 mile. (5 hours from start).
Leave Duck Creek on the Markagaunt Plateau Trail, #1/#051 Note: USFS installed 72“width restriction bars on the trail north of Duck Creek 29.1 mile.
Stop at Aspen Mirror Lake for a group walk to the lake 33 mile.
Cleared volcanic, lava rock section that goes through the middle of a volcanic lava field. Less than ½ mile long. Easier than in past years 35.9 mile. #381/trail #16 intersection. (do not turn left on trial #16). Turn right on #381 to Tippets Valley. Cross Tommy Creek ahead. No water running 36.7 mile.
Logging road to left - do not take. Stay right 40.6 mile. Trail #1/#196 intersection at the Reeds Valley Trail we did earlier.
Stay left on trail #1/#381 41.9 mile. #381/trail # 32000.1, Red Desert Trail intersection (west of John L Flat).
Turn left on rocky uphill trail (#32000.1 (Red Desert Trail). Look for small lake on left side. Group photo opportunity. Pull vehicles in loop for photo.
Continue on trail past the lake 43 mile. #240/ trail #32000.1 intersection.
Turn right on #240 (trail 32000.1 also continues along #240) 45.8 mile.Approx. 7 hours from unloading. Back at truck and trailers to load up and return home

(Note: August 18 to 22, 2020 Bryce ATV/UTV Rally, Panguitch, UT).  Cancelled



September 5, ATV Club Saturday ride, departing the Port of Entry at 8:00AM. Trailer outfits to Mt Carmel and stage, ride Muddy Creek to the top of the Strawberry Cliffs and Point for Lunch. Returning via a different route. Guide: Dave Little….   Pending, August meeting.


September 17, Club Meeting: 6:00 PM and steak fry. Rancho’s City Park. Volunteers to grill Steaks needed, please bring your potluck sides to be served prior to the meeting. Set-up volunteers needed at 5:00 PM. 
Please RSVP attendance for your steak to be ordered. Pending, August meeting.


September 19, ATV Club Saturday Ride. departing at 7:30AM from the Veterinarians Parking area, old Stampin-Up 8-miles east of Kanab on US89. We will trailer our outfits to the Cottonwood road, stage. Riding the North Clark Bench area in a super-ride. Over Brigham Plain, to Smokey Mtn. and return. More details pending. Guide: Tony Wright, confirm your attendance beforehand. Pending, September meeting.


September 23 to 26, ATV Club Camp-out. Sandhills, Paria Plateau, Sponsor pending.
(Vermillion Cliffs NM). Various rides and sites to visit.
Camping location to be scouted and determined. More information pending. Confirm attendance beforehand.   Pending, September meeting.



October 3, ATV Club Saturday Ride, departing at 8:30AM from the Veterinarians Parking area, old Stampin-Up 8-miles east of Kanab on US89 Trailing our outfits to the east Buckskin ridge, down 5-mile mountain. Guide? Pending, September meeting.


Oct. 5 to Oct. 9, 2020: ATV CLUB: ATV/UTV “Fall Color’s” Rides.
Monday to Friday. Apareen Trails. Staging in Mt. Pleasant four nights, 3 rides.
Those who have registered are notified that this ride remains scheduled.


October 15, Club Meeting: and Dessert Social at 6:30 PM Meeting: at 7:00PM. Kanab Airport, Search and Rescue (SAR) building 2nd floor.  

October 17, ATV Club road cleanup and ride: Meet at 8:30 AM at the 8-Mile gap road east of Kanab for the road cleanup. Ken Hodson will coordinate this clean-up.


After cleanup ride pending proposed Nephi Pasture, Deer Springs, Timber Mtn. and return. Pending, October meeting.


October 21, to 24, ATV Club camp-out. Meet at Veterinarians Parking area, old Stampin-Up 8-miles east of Kanab on US89. Location, campsite at Big Water or Corrals at Crosby Wash or Gravel Pit off Smokey Mtn. road. Sponsor: pending.

Rides to 1. Alstrom Point, 2. Kelly Grade, to Heads of Creeks Trail Loop, 3. Tibbet Spring, Grand Bench, Croton Canyon to Smokey Mtn. road down Kelly Grade.Details pending, subject to weather conditions. Please confirm attendance beforehand. Pending, October meeting.


Oct. 16-19, North Lake Powell OHV Rally, Tickaboo



November 7, ATV Club Saturday Ride, departing at 8:30AM (Utah Time) from the ShortStop market in Fredonia. Trailering our outfits about 25 Miles of the Turoweap Road to stage, Ride the AZ Strip to Kanab/SB Point. Pending, October meeting.


November 19, Club Meeting: and Dessert Social 6:30, meeting: at 7:00PM. Kanab Airport, Search and Rescue (SAR) building 2nd floor. 




Rides Pending, November meeting.

(No Club Meeting)


KC Colors 10

Next Meeting


Next Meeting: It is scheduled

August 20, Club Meeting: Hamburger Dinner 6:00 PM, Meeting follows. Rancho’s City Park. Please note that at 6:00 PM Hamburgers go on the grill, please bring your potluck sides to be served prior to the meeting.

Don't forget to bring a pot-luck side dish, and buy split the pot raffle tickets. This is how we pay for our Hamburgers and condiments.


Members Input, upcoming rides


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