ATV Club ride and belated Public Lands Day Cleanup

September 30, 2017 8:00 AM Sharp
Trailer OHV’s to the Peek A Boo Staging area.

Staging at Peek A Boo, and riding from that location. Ride to determine the 2018 Fun Run route. We will be doing some GPS logging, and looking at Cell Phone reception at various locations.
In support of public lands day, which occurred on September 23, 2017, the Club will be cleaning our various Peek A Boo Anasazi Trails, we will have trash bags on hand. Bring your pickup sticks, and cameras. We will be taking a photo at the entrance of the Peek A Boo slot with three selected OHV’s for our 2018 Fun Run poster, so bring your best smile.

(Watch for the email notification)

The club will be bringing Hot Dogs, Buns, and condiments for lunch. Bring your roasting sticks, napkins and sides or what else you may want with the Dogs.

We will also be searching for the following ATV Club Geo-Cache locations. So, bring your GPS with you and anything you may want to add to the Cache box if we find them.

Utah/Arizona ATV Club Kramer Motocache locations: (Thanks to Don and Karen Kramer).
Locations in the Peek A Boo area:
Cowboys Cave Glyphs: N 37 09.282 W 112. 25.974   (From Peek A – Boo)
Brown Canyon Cabin: N 37 11.340 W 112 28.653 (From Peek A – Boo)
Three Bears: N 37 13.081 W 112 33.382     (From Peek A – Boo)
Sheep Wagon: N 37 12.257 W 112 28.600   (From Peek A – Boo

Red Pinnacles: N 37 10.265 W 112 27.792   (From Peek A – Boo)
Peek A Boo: N 37 10.773 W 112 33,534   (From Peek A – Boo)


8th Annual Bryce ATV/UTV Rally

August 25-26, 2017

2017 Bryce Rally 6


2017 Bryce Rally 2


2017 Bryce Rally 5


2017 Bryce Rally 4


KC Colors 10

Next Meeting

Next ATV Club Meeting: October 19, 2017

: posted via email 10-14-17

Location: Kanab Airport at 6:30 PM

Kanab County Search and Rescue (SAR) Facility, 2nd Floor
Deserts served at 6:30 PM Meeting begins promply at 7:00 PM.

Upcoming Events

ATV Club Saturday ride

September 30, 2017 8:00 AM Sharp
Trailer OHV’s to the Peek A Boo Staging area.

October 3, to 6, 2017 (Changed to October 10 to 13, 2017)

October 10 to 13, 2017
Utah/Arizona ATV Club 4 Day 3 Night Fall Colors Overnight Ride

Those going should be signed up and ready to go.