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The September 20, 2018, Thursday ATV Club Steak Dinner information.

For our members information; as of 9-17-18 the ATV Club has reserved 56 steaks from the 60 ordered steaks.

We are expecting more than 60 people to attend this event. There will be no special presentations as none were suggested such as we had done last year. The meeting at 6:00 PM will be as short as possible.

Please be advised I visited the site last Thursday at around 6:00 PM. There were about 30 Peewee football players in a scrimmage just east of the pavilion. The pavilion was full of parents. I went down to the Kanab City office’s Friday and paid $25 to reserve the Rancho’s pavilion facility from 1:PM to 8:PM on Sept. 20, for our steak dinner. I’ll post our permit within the pavilion on Monday.

There will not be enough seating for everyone; it is suggested that some folks bring their own table and chairs. The weather is predicted to be mild.
As always bring your own plates, utensil’s and napkins for the dinner. There are lots of side dishes lined up. The ATV Club will be furnishing some condiments, with soda-pop and water iced down. We will be doing our grilling over lump charcoal and Dutch Oven cooking over charcoal briquettes. So it will be a work in progress, please bear with us who are trying to get this done.

PARKING: With the number of parents coming to watch the Peewee football, and the numbers attending our event you better consider an early arrival for parking. I did lodge a complaint to the City about the two large gravel piles in the parking lot blocking access to the gate to the pavilion, and that there were no accommodations for handicap parking near the gate. We will now see how efficient government works to solve problems.

With that said; we’ll be getting the pavilion ready early and make our presence known. See you there.

SR Smith

September 22, 2018, ATV Club Saturday ride. 

Ride on East Clark Bench. Meet for an 8:00am Departure from the parking lot between Wingate and the Vet's Office. We will trailer our ATV's/UTV's to a parking location opposite of the Cottonwood Road turn-off on US89. This ride will accommodate all sizes of OHV's we will be riding  in some areas of heavy sands and is a moderately easy ride. Bring your lunch, viewpoints overlooking the lower Paria River into Lee's Ferry. Views to Lake Powell, Page and Navajo Mountain. Guide for this ride is Bain Swapp.

The ATV Club 4th annual Fall Colors ride, Oct. 2 to 5, 2018. We have 16 units currently signed up and several more probable. A draft itinerary has been sent out to the participants. Click below to view the full itinerary.
Link to itinerary



KC Colors 10

Next Meeting

Next ATV Club Meeting: September 20, 2018
Rancho's City Park Pavilion.

Meeting begins: 6:00 PM
Note: We need to get pot luck sides for our after meeting; grilled steak dinner. Free steaks for members, guests pay $20 per person.
We will need side dishes; Dutch oven cowboy potatoes, salads, Dutch oven deserts, other deserts and misc. condiments; call Jan Smith with your side dish to coordinate our efforts. 435 644-8236.

Don't forget to RSVP by September 12 so we know how many steaks to buy.

Bring your own plate and silverware, extra tables and chairs are also advisable. We will also need a volunteer cookie, (if not then Sam will do his best) to help grill these beautiful steaks, volunteers be there before 5:00 PM to set up the grill and clean tables.

The meeting should be short. This will be the last outdoor meeting of the year. We will be going back to the Search and Rescue building at the Kanab Airport in October.




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