Utah/Arizona ATV Club current information as of 9-21-22

On February 1, 2022 the ATV Club developed a 2022 Rides, Campouts and special events schedule. As always this schedule is subject to changes as needed throughout the year. 
(Some evernts subject to change or cancellation)

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Club campout at Houston Flat (Dixie National Forest) 9-21 / 9-24 IS CANCELLED
Please let us know if you’re planning to attend. If no one expresses interest, the campout will be canceled. 



October 1, 2022 - ATV Club Saturday ride: Linda’s Little Creek. Ride to the petroglyphs, water glyphs and overlooks.
Meet in Fredonia across from the ShortStop (Utah Time) before departing at 8:00 AM. Trailering OHV’s the Little Creek turn off and stage, about 45 Miles as determined by the ride leader. Ride leader pending. Ride rated moderate and could be lengthy. Bring lunch and Camera.
Will need a volunteer ride coordinator.

9th Annual ATV Club Fall Colors rides

October 3 to 8,
2022 Fall (Autumn) Colors rides.

Update on the 2022 Fall Colors Ride
As of September 21, 2022.

We will meet for departure Oct. 3, Monday Morning at Bryce Canyon Resort  between 9:00 AM and the 10:00 AM departure time. Not sure where the Resort will suggest for our vehicle parking but will ask Monday morning.

I contacted the Antimony Merc reference our arrival to Antimony on October 3, Monday afternoon and dinner. The Merc diner closes at 5:00 PM, and I advised we would call them, (435 624-3253) as we begin our descent from Mt. Dutton Monday afternoon and giving our approximate arrival time. I am assuming g all of us will be dining there. We will also be gassing up at the Merc which has only one gas pump and 85 octane gas. I am bringing some octane boost as an additive for the gas. On Tuesday Morning the diner does not open for breakfast until 8:00 AM. Our planned departure time was 8:30 AM. So, if everyone is packed, gassed up and at the door of the diner at 8:00 AM sharp we should be able to eat breakfast and depart.

Tuesday on to Marysvale, the route depends on our time frame. I contacted Steve Hoagland who runs the Doghouse diner. He remembered our visit during our pre-ride in July. I said we have 19 people to feed, he said we’ll be okay to come in. I told him we’ll call (435 202-0578) and give an estimated ETA. I gave him the 19-person number, he said his hamburgers will be limited but they have plenty of hot dogs.
Wednesday morning, we meet at the Maryvale gas station and will be departing at 7:30 AM Sharp for our long trip back to Bryce. Ken Kunhi has got the gas station opening at 7:00 AM. So be there packed, gassed up and ready to go before you get your breakfast snack or hot drink. Dress warmly for we will be gaining altitude quickly as we head for Circleville. We can top off our tanks in Circleville, eat our snack lunch while others are filling up. We still have a long way to go on the Fremont trail, via Smith Canyon, Sanford Canyon, under the Casto Bluffs, Mud Springs to the flats crossing by the Bryce Airport to the Bryce Canyon Resort. Some folks are planning to have their gas there to fill up for the Thursday ride. There is a meeting scheduled for 7:00 PM at the Restaurant.

I’ll be notifying the Rockin R and Bryce Canyon Resort our numbers and confirmed list. The only one staying at the motel Wednesday will be Tony Wright. I’ve suggested that those staying at RV Parks consider storing their machines at the motel and drive their personal vehicles from the RV Park.

Weather: if predictions hold true, it looks good.
Monday Oct. 3, Bryce Canyon City, overnight low 39, Mostly Sunny
Tuesday, Oct. 4 Antimony, overnight low 41, partly cloudy
Wednesday, Oct. 5, Marysvale, overnight low 43 mostly sunny
Thursday to Friday, mild weather predicted. 

Rockin R Ranch Monday Night
Marysvale Tuesday night
Bryce Canyon Resort 3 nights, Oct. 5 to Oct. 7, checking out Oct. 8.

  1. Sam & Jan Smith, Confirmed, yes
  2. Mike & Winnie Reid, Confirmed, yes
  3. Trevor & Debbie DeSousa, Confirmed, yes (2 ATV’s)
  4. Cheryl Ponkow, Confirmed, yes
  5. Matt & Judy Bramer, Confirmed, yes
  6. Ken & Vickie Kuhni, Confirmed, yes
  7. Jack Randolph, Confirmed, yes
  8. Mike & Sandra Green, Confirmed
  9. Chuck & Gay Porter, Confirmed, yes
  10. Joe Orman, Confirmed
  11. Lebo & Debbie Newman, Confirmed

Staying at Motel only:
Tony & Linda Wright

Staying at RV Parks:
Tommy & Alicia Gonzales, Confirmed (RV Park)
Jerry & Diane Wahlert, Confirmed (RV Park

Rides from Bryce Resort:
Thursday, Barney Top Loop
Friday, Paunsaugunt Loop

Fall Colors Rides History

2014, Oct. 8 – 11, Stage at Deer Springs. To Bryce Pines, Escalante, Cannonville
2015, Oct. 5 – 8, Stage from Hatch. To Circleville, Marysvale, Panguitch.
2016, Oct. 11 – 14, Stage at Deer Springs. To Bryce Pines, Escalante, Cannonville
2017, Oct. 10 – 13, Stage at Deer Springs. To Escalante, Circleville, Panguitch
2018, Oct. 2 – 5, Stage at Bryce. Canyon shuttle parking lot. to Bicknel, Salina, Panguitch.
2019, Oct. 1 – 4, Stage at Hatch. To Panguitch, Marysvale, Panguitch
2020, Oct. 5 – 9, Stage at Mt. Pleasant (Motel only) To all Apareen Trails north
2021, Oct. 4 – 8. Stage at Salina, (Motel only). To Gooseberry and Apareen trails.
2022, Oct. 3 – 8, Stage at Bryce Pines Resort (town to town and Motel) Antimony, Marysvale, Bryce Canyon resort.

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October 3 to 8, 2022 Fall (Autumn) Colors rides: itinerary (pending further confirmation).
Updated July 18, 2022, For further information please call: 435 644-8236 (Sam)
This year there would be two sign-up groups, Both groups are limited to 15 Machines.
Members who were past ride participants receive priority to signed up to either group.
The town-to-town group is full, the Motel group (Wed. to Sat.) still has open slots if interested).
Sign up limited to ATV Club members.
October 3, Monday Group #1, (Town to Town) staging for departure at 10:00AM, from the
Bryce Canyon resort, 15 machines riding to Antimony then Marysvale staying in motels,
(Monday from Bryce to Antimony via Mt. Dutton. Tuesday to Marysvale via Paiute Trail.
Wednesday ride the Tushar’s (highest trail in Utah) to Circleville, Fremont Trail back to the
Bryce Canyon resort.
October 7, Motel group arrives on Wednesday, to check in to the Bryce Canyon resort for 3 nights.
Must make reservations early.
Both groups: Thursday, Oct. 6, and Friday, Oct. 7, departing at 8:00 AM from the Bryce Canyon resort.
Be fueled up and have your lunch ready.
Oct. 6, ride Great western trail, Pine Lake, Powell Point, Barney Top to Escalante Canyon,
Widtsoe, and Hunt Creek Canyon loop back to Motel.
Oct. 7, Ride the Paunsaugunt Trails, Dave's Hollow, Great western to Tropic Reservoir, and spring,
under Bryce trail to Crawford Pass kiosk, to Monument Point, up "Bain's" switchbacks to the
Sunset Cliffs to Badger Creek, Coyote Hollow, Mt. Wilson, Bristlecone Pine forest
returning to the Bryce Canyon resort.
Oct. 8, a Saturday optional bonus ride to the Butch Cassidy dugout hideaway.

Note: Town to town slots full, sign up for a standby slot. Motel slots are open and available.
Call for further info.


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KC Colors 10

Next Meeting

Next Meeting: 

October 20,2022,
Kanab Events Center, Ponderosa Room.
Desserts served at 6:30 PM. Meeting begins at 7:00 PM
Please contact Steve Hermansen ref: candidates for the January 2023 ATV Club officers election.

ATV Club Email

Please Note:

The October 20, 2022 and November 17, 2022 ATV Club meetings have changed location. More information for 2023 ATV Club meeting locations to be posted.

Club Meeting times remain the same: Dessert Social at 6:30PM, Meeting beginning at 7:00PM

New location for October and December 2022: Kanab Events Center, Ponderosa Room.

Members Input, upcoming rides


The ATV Club often receives requests for suggestions for camping areas and/or OHV rides in and around Kanab. They are simply referred to this ATV Club website and told to click on the "Staging Areas and Events Tab". Then go to Kane County ATV Trailheads and (Staging Areas)

This lists ten staging areas within 30 miles of Kanab, most offer dry camping availability, some with pit toilers, all have GPS coordinaces and photos.


Attention all members; 

For information about ATV Club merchandise send an email to the sales and marketing officer indicating your interest to this email address. utazatvclubinfo@gmail.com