This ATV Club event schedule was approved by the Club Ride, Campout and event committee and presented to the membership on 2-15-18. This schedule is subject to change as determined by the Club Trail Boss. All future updates to this schedule will be in RED.

RIDES, CAMP-OUTS and EVENT Committee Members:
Bain Swapp, confirmed as 2018 Trail Boss and Tony Wright ride and event Chairman, & coordinator. Members: Steve Hermanson, ATV Club VP, Mark Habbeshaw, Bob Aiken, Jack Clark, Mark Kubeja, James Bermont. SR Smith will be emailing reminders and changes as needed and updating the ATV Club website as necessary.

Riders rule: Each person is responsible to make sure that the following rider is aware of all turns. Do this by slowing or stopping (if necessary) making sure that the following rider knows where you are going. (Look for a hand wave and respond likewise). If the rider following you does not appear stop and wait, eventually the entire group will stop. Do not follow too close and moderate your speeds and distances. Please keep pace with the rider ahead of you so as not to slow down the following riders. If you are unsure of your ability ‘stop’ and ask for assistance. The average ride touring speed is 15 to 20 MPH, the average good road speed is 25 to 35 MPH.
Please check the ATV Club website for updates and revisions to scheduled rides after this schedule is approved.

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2018 Utah/Arizona ATV Club Rides and Event Schedule by Month


11th Club annual Dinner. (Completed)
Juniper Ridge restaurant, Fredonia, AZ. Sign-in beginning at 5:15 PM.

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15th - Club Meeting: 6:30 PM for a dessert social then the Club meeting at 7:00PM. Kanab Airport, Search and Rescue (SAR) building 2nd floor.

17th - Club Ride: Meet at the Wingate complex, (8 miles east of Kanab off US Highway 89), assemble just west of Wingate along the white fence. We will be departing at 7:00 AM.
Trailer OHV’s US 89 towards Page, between Big Water and Green Haven stage and explore southbound the upper Marble canyons overlooking the Colorado River, Lee’s Ferry, via Ferry Swale, below the East Clark bench. Ride leader Mark Habbeshaw. We will be bringing Hot Dogs and buns with the fixings. Bring your roasting stick.

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MARCH: 2018

10th - Club ride: Meet at the Shortstop in Fredonia parking on the north side of the Shortstop, get there early to get your goodies we will be departing promptly at 8:30 AM. We will trailer our OHV’s to Little Creek Mtn. (Apple Valley) staging south of the highway. The ride will be to the point overlooking the AZ Strip with views of St George and visiting two petroglyph sites, a side trip to another Petroglyph panel on the AZ Strip. Ride leader Tony Wright.

14th to 17th - Tri State OHV Jamboree, Hurricane, UT

15th - Club Meeting: 6:30 PM for a dessert social then the Club meeting at 7:00PM. Kanab Airport, SAR building 2nd floor.

21st to 25th - ATV Club Camp-Out at WHITNEY POCKETS:
We would like to get a count of people going on the Whitney Pockets camp out.
Confirm your attendance by emailing: utazatvclubinfo@gmail.com

Directions to Whitney Pockets:
Take I-15 Southbound through Mesquite, 11 miles to exit #112 (Bunkerville exit) Nevada highway 170. Drive under the Interstate go about 2.5 miles to the Virgin River Bridge. As soon as you cross the bridge turn right on the old paved road, follow the pavement for about 21 miles to the end of the pavement. Although paved, this road is notoriously pot holed and in bad condition. Take your time driving this road. Rides to Devils Throat, Tassi Ranch, Hells Kitchen and other agreed sites and locations. We need an RSVP social events to be scheduled.
The ATV Club, will be Camping in the area of Whitney Pockets depending on camp-site availability, look for the ATV Club signs, please bring extra firewood for a group campfire.

Tentative Schedule: Please note: The rides from Whitney Pockets camp are long and enduring, due to distances traveled and much of the desert landscape covered the travel speeds on the well-used roads will be in excess of 30 to 40 mph. It is imperative that you keep contact with the rider in front of you, at a dustless distance, and make sure you get visual signals from the person following on road or intersection road changes.

All rides are tentative and can be changed due to conditions and/or by ride leaders.
Note: Below is a link to maps of the new Gold Butte National Monument, most of the routes we have previously taken remain open.
Gold Butte National Monument Maps

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APRIL: 2018

7th OHV - Training Course: 10:00 am to 2:00 PM. Utah/Arizona ATV Club free training course conducted at the Kane Plex site. Certified OHV trainers Training the basic OHV operations training course as approved by Utah State Parks, OHV Programs. The course is open to youngsters 8 years and above and adults.

19th - Club Meeting: 6:30 PM for a dessert social then the Club meeting at 7:00 PM. Kanab Airport SAR building 2nd floor.

21st - Club road clean-up and Club ride: Meet at 8-Mile Gap road east of town off US 89 departing at 8:30AM. Ken Hodson will coordinate this clean-up.  After highway cleanup a pre-ride of the Peek A Boo Fun Run designated route.

Utah Big Ride visiting Kanab:
Kane County, will be hosting numerous individuals involved in Utah OHV activities that impact Utah and all OHV enthusiasts. People from government, OHV organizations and elected officials will be coming to Kanab to experience our OHV Trails and discuss as a group current event issues concerning Utah OHV management, legislation and trails.

30th - BIG RIDE reception and hamburger dinner hosted by the ATV Club at Jacob Hamblin City Park.
Attention ATV Club membership, we will be hosting the Utah Big ride and its participants. Monday evening, at 6:00 PM, we will be preparing a hamburger dinner for all attendees. There will be presentations from dignitaries’ present. All members are welcome, to attend. The ATV Club is requesting volunteers to prepare side dishes to go along with the Hamburger dinner. Coordinate these dishes with Jan Smith at 435 644-8236.

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MAY: 2018

4th to 6th - ATV Club “Annual ATV Club Fun Run”:
Staging area: Peek A Boo riding the Anasazi OHV Trails. Fun Run is Saturday May 5th, Volunteers arrive 7:30 AM.
The event registration begins at 8:30 AM. The Fun Run begins at 9:00 AM.
Guided rides: From staging area
Three free rides on Friday, May 4th, two, departing at 10:00 am and one 12:00 Noon.

Three free rides on Sunday, May 6th, two, departing at 10:00 am and one 12:00 Noon.

All rides begin and end at Staging area.
(Volunteers please call Sam Smith (435 644-8236), Tony Wright (435 899-8116).

Please note: We encourage all our local members to come out and support this Club event. If you wish to volunteer we welcome the help, or if not at least by coming out and participating in the Fun Run ride. Members will receive a discount at registration for drawing tickets and T-Shirt at $25.

15th - 19th - Rally on the Rocks, Moab, UT:   www.rallyontherocks.com

17th - Club Meeting: 6:00 PM. Rancho’s City Park. Hamburgers and pot luck sides. Meeting Beginning at 6:00PM we will conduct a brief ceremony honoring our veterans, including our veteran members followed by the meeting and then by a hamburger cookout. (See ceremony agenda)

19th - Club ride “Warriors Ride”: departing at 8:00AM from Hog Canyon Trailhead.
This ride designated as our third annual “Warriors Ride” where Club Members invite and host veterans, including disabled veterans which they sponsor, and either take them in their OHV or provide an ATV for the ride. This is in lieu of ARMED FORCES Day. The Club will host the Veterans so that they are able to experience the beautiful areas that we are privileged to enjoy. Our way of saying thank you for their service and honoring our Veterans. (All OHV’s okay)

19th - US Armed Forces Day: Many Americans celebrate Armed Forces Day annually on the third Saturday of May. It is a day to pay tribute to men and women who serve the United States’ armed forces. Armed Forces Day is also part of Armed Forces Week, which begins on the second Saturday of May.

24th to 27th - Camp-out: Thursday to Sunday. Sand Hills.
Riding the Sand Hills, Paria Plateau/Vermilion Cliffs. Visiting White Pockets, Pete’s window, Joe’s Place and Vermillion Cliff points & overlooks of Marble Canyon. Camping off the Houserock road at the Gravel Pit. Rides rated easy: with sandy washed out areas and ride lengths which are estimated to be, 70 plus miles.
From Kanab take 89A over the Kaibab to the Houserock Road. Go north approximately 10 miles to the campsite that will be on the east side of the road. Take your time, this road can be extremely rough with washboard areas.
Confirm your attendance by emailing: utazatvclubinfo@gmail.com

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June: 2018

8th to 9th - ATV Club OHV Overnight Ride: Friday and Saturday, to Cannonville/Tropic, overnight. and return.
Meet at Wingate US 89, 8 miles east of Kanab. Departing Friday morning at 7:30 AM. Trailer rigs to Buckskin/Nipple road to stage. We will depart the Grand Staircase Inn, Saturday at 8:00 AM to return to our vehicles.

Make your Motel Reservations early: Rooms at the Grand Staircase Inn, Phone: 855 213-0582. Other motel rooms in Tropic, UT are available, however, it will take a 5-mile ride on SR 12.  (Tell them you are with the UT/AZ ATV Club from Kanab, UT)

Ride: Via the North Swag to the Skutumpah Rd. to Cannonville returning or via the Skutumpah, Deer Springs, Fin Little to Staging area. As determined by the Trail Boss, Bain Swapp). (Make motel reservations early)
Ride rated difficult: due to possible washed out areas, very steep grades, weather conditions and lengths which are estimated to be, 80 plus miles each way. This ride accommodates all OHV widths; however, the Fin Little area is for advanced riders. Bring extra gas, lunches and personal gear. More details about the ride and rally points will be going out later.

Please note: This ride could change depending on the status of the Paria River road. In the event that the Paria River road, (a Kane County road) opens and, depending on the group size, half of the riders would go up that route and overnight in Cannonville and return a different route as the other half returns via the Paria River road.
(Watch for further details or updates on this Website: www.utazatvclub.org

Confirm your attendance by emailing: utazatvclubinfo@gmail.com

11th to 14th - Vehicle Road Trip: Four days three nights. (4x4 Vehicles only) Monday, from Kanab travel via US89 to SR 12, Tom Best Road to Witdsoe, (cemetery), Escalante Canyon to Griffin Top, Aquarius Plateau to Bicknell/Torrey Motel first night. Tuesday, climb through Fishlake NF above Capital Reef, cross Fremont River water crossing to Cainville, cross Fremont River again (wet crossing) proceed into the Henry Mountains east slope, summiting over 10,000 feet, continuing to Tickaboo, Motel. Wednesday, climb back to the lower slopes of the Henry Mtn.’s to the Bullfrog road, continue N/B to the Burr Trail, up the Switchbacks, visit Muley Twist (time permitting) to Red Gulch, and Boulder, UT on ST 12. Continue a short distance to the Hells Backbone Road through the Dixie NF and above Death Ridge to the Escalante Canyons road to Escalante, UT. Thursday, depart Escalante travel the Cottonwood road to US 89 and return to Kanab.

Confirm your interest in going on this road trip by emailing: utazatvclubinfo@gmail.com

21th - Club Meeting: 6:00 PM. Rancho’s City Park. Hamburgers and pot luck sides.

23th - Club ride: Meet just west of Wingate near the Vet’s facility US 89, 8 miles east of Kanab. Departing at 7:30 AM.

Stage at Seaman wash turn-off. Ride up Seaman to top and visit Dino Tracks, Anasazi rock art, Glass-eye ruins, Inch worm arch, return via Pink Cove, the Buttons cabin and Great Western Trail.

Option 1. return via Fin Little Canyon, to Petrified Hollow to vehicles.
Option 2. return via Neaf Springs to the Seaman Sandhill and down the canyon to vehicles.
Option 1 is for advanced riders, otherwise rides for all OHV’s subject to washouts and weather conditions.

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JULY: 2018

4th of July Kanab parade: Wednesday, 8:30 AM. Free registration at the Tourism Office 8:00 AM. ATV Club members arrive by 8:30 AM and decorate our ATV’s, at designated staging area. Check for details on the Club Website.

(CANCELED) 11th to 15th ATV Club Camp-out: Wednesday to Sunday.
Trail RV’s to Utah SR 12 continue to Boulder, taking the Burr Trail Road through the Gulch, continuing to a pre-designated camp-site on the Burr Trail. This is a rigorous route to bring in your RV/OHV equipment but a chance to experience the upper benches and canyons of the Waterpocket Fold above Capital Reef. {Pending scouting and obtaining needed camp permits}  Check for details on the Club Website.


19th Club Meeting: 6:00 PM. Rancho’s City Park. Hamburgers and pot luck sides.

21st Club Ride: (New) Meet at the Shortstop station in Fredonia, departing at 8:00 AM. Trailer OHV’s into Arizona on FS route 22 to White Sage then the Ryan site.

Ride the Kaibab via Jump-Up Cabin then by a designated route to Jacob lake for late lunch, returning to staging area after lunch via a different route.

25th to 28th ATV Club Camp-out: Lightning Ridge: Wednesday to Saturday.

Activities: Casto Canyon, Hunt Creek rides, Badger Creek, Proctor Canyon, Dave’s Hollow, Barney Top/Pine Lake loop, with lunches in Panguitch, and Hatch. Remember the Casto Canyon ride is a 50-inch restricted ride.
Confirm your attendance by emailing: utazatvclubinfo@gmail.com

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AUGUST: 2018

ATV Club ride to Hatch, overnight and return:  Monday, August 6th returning Tuesday August 7th

Staging from the Nephi Pasture staging area in Johnson Canyon. See ATV Club website: www.utazatvclub.org/ for directions under “staging areas”.

Departing at 7:30 AM, sharp.

Be there early. Ride Leader: Bain Swapp

The ride to Hatch is tentatively planned via the Sand trail, to Deer Springs, up Crawford Pass or Water Canyon at the discretion of the ride leader. Ride to Monument Point, up the Paunsaugunt East Fork, Paunsaugunt Trails, up the switchbacks, there is some restrictions on OHV size. Large OHV’s or 4 ups’ may not make this trail. Continuing along the Sunset Cliffs, Rim Trail to Proctor Canyon and Hatch.

Overnight in motel or accommodations, and return the next morning departing from the Adobe Café at 8:00 AM sharp, up proctor Canyon to Tropic Spring continuing via the ‘under Bryce Great Western trail, going a different route to the Crawford Pass Kiosk. We will be riding the Paunsaugunt Trail System. Check for details on the Club Website.

Confirm your attendance by emailing: utazatvclubinfo@gmail.com

16th Club Meeting: 6:00 PM. Rancho’s City Park. Hamburgers and pot luck sides.

18th Club ride: Northern Cedar Mountain, Saturday, trailering OHV’s to Panguitch, from the Circle C fairgrounds parking lot near the rest stop. Departing at 8:30 AM. This ride will be via Sand Mtn., to Upper Bear Valley and continuing to Buckskin Canyon to attempt to locate the petroglyph panels. Returning to our original staging area
(Optional) This will be an optional 2-night stay in Panguitch, Nights of Aug. 17 and Aug. 18th.
Schedule: Friday August 17, depart Port of Entry north of Kanab, trailer OHV’s to Hatch, and stage from there. Ride OHV’s via Birch Knoll, up the Goo-Wiggle, to Pass Creek and down to Panguitch for our motel arriving early. Saturday, August 18, await arriving Saturday riders and go on the Buckskin Canyon Ride. Return to Panguitch, overnight. Sunday, check-out depart at 8:00 AM; 50-inch machines up Casto Canyon, larger OHV’s up Limekiln Canyon. Group meets at top, continue to the East Fork by various routes taking us to Proctor Canyon dropping off to Hatch and our vehicles.
Confirm your interest in attendance by emailing: utazatvclubinfo@gmail.com

August 29 to September 2 Kaibab NF Camp-Out:
This is a favorite Camp-out to get some cool relief from the heat. Last year they saw Elk and we have seen Bison. The rides are great. We’ll be going to Point Sublime, and other points of interest. The ladder trees, three lakes, the big sink and much more. We will do some Dutch oven cooking and have some social evenings.
Confirm your attendance by emailing: utazatvclubinfo@gmail.com

Aug. 8-11, 2018 Paiute Trail Jamboree, Marysvale, UT; www.utvjam.com
Aug. 16-18, 2018, Manti Mountain ATV/UTV Run, Manti, UT; www.mantiatvrun.com
August 21nd to 25th, Bryce ‘Rocks’ Rally, Panguitch.
August 23rd to 25th Kanab’s Western Legends

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5th to 9th ATV Club Camp-out Cedar Mountain: Houston Flat: Scheduled rides to Pass Creek OHV Trail, Hatch Mtn. Trails, and various local trails including a lunch ride to Hatch.
Confirm your interest in attendance by emailing: utazatvclubinfo@gmail.com

20th ATV Club Meeting and Steak Fry: 6:00 PM. Rancho’s City Park. Club Meeting then steak fry with pot luck sides). Check for details on the Club Website. ATV Club awards presentations during meeting.

22th ATV Club Ride: Meet at just west of (Wingate near the Vet’s facility) US 89, 8 miles east of Kanab. Trailer OHV’s to a staging area south of the Cottonwood Road, ride the East Clark bench to all site and overlook of the lower Paria.

25th to 28th OHV/ATV CLUB “Fall Color’s” Ride: Changed to Oct. 2 to 5, 2018

Sept. 5-9, 2018, Arapeen ATV/UTV Jam, Emery, UT; www.arapeenatvretreat.com
Sept. 17 to 21, 2018 Rocky Mountain Jamboree will be held Richfield, UT.
Sab Juan OHV Safari (date not set)

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Oct. 2 to 5, 2018 Four day Three ningh Fall Colors ride. 
(Four-day three-night ATV ride staying in motels). Make reservations early.
Staging in Hatch. Ride rated difficult: due to possible washed out areas and lengths which are estimated to be, 100 plus miles. Ride from .........be advised that this ride is in the planning stage at this time watch for updates to this document.
Confirm your interest in attendance by emailing: utazatvclubinfo@gmail.com


Cancelled: 3rd to 7th OHV/ATV CLUB Camp-out: Trailer RV’s and Rigs to White Canyon via Henryville, on SR 95 via Hite to White Canyon near Fry Canyon. Explore some of the trails; Piute Pass, Jacob’s Chair, Table of the Sun and other trails available.
A camp needs to be scouted on SR 95 MW of Fry Canyon off the highway.

18th Club Meeting: 6:30 PM for a dessert social then the Club meeting at 7:00 PM. Kanab Airport, SAR building 2nd floor.

20th ATV Club road cleanup and ride: Meet at 8:30 AM at the 8-Mile gap road east of Kanab for the road cleanup. Ken Hodson will coordinate this clean-up. Afterwards trailer to the Johnson Canyon and the Skutumpah Road Staging area, Ride to First Point, Mill Creek and Cutler Point area.

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7th to 11th ATV Club Camp-out: Wednesday to Sunday ATV Club Camp-out: Arizona Strip. Trailer to I-15 exit to Utah SR 7 continuing to BLM 1069, into Arizona via Quail Hill, Mainstreet to Wolf Hole where the route becomes BLM 5, continuing turning on BLM 103 along the Little Hurricane Rim to the area near the Poverty Administrative site within the Parashant National Monument. Total mile in approximately: 53 Miles. Rides to various locations on the AZ Strip, specifically to Kelly Point, (51 miles one way) all rides should be considered difficult, rocky and/or lengthy. Ride to Grand Gulch Mine (27 miles one way) the Bar 10 Ranch, (26 miles one way and another 10 Miles to the Whitmore overlook of the Colorado River) and other sites and points of interest. Warning this is a long way into this location. Check you rigs for tire condition and soundness. Bring extra spare tires if possible. Ride conditions could be dusty to wet and muddy. Bring extra gas, and supplies and firewood. We will search for an appropriate camp outside of the Parashant if possible. Go to this link for further pdf formatted information: https://www.nps.gov/para/learn/management/upload/PARA_LRIP.pdf

Must RSVP attendance by 11-2-18 emailing: utazatvclubinfo@gmail.com

15th Club Meeting: 6:30 PM for a dessert social then the Club meeting at 7:00 PM. Kanab Airport, SAR building 2nd floor. (An ATV Club nominations committee for 2019 Club officers will be named).

17th ATV Club ride: PENDING Meet at the Shortstop parking lot in Fredonia, trailer to Little Creek Station. Ride to Gooseberry Mesa, Smithsonian Butte and Grafton ghost town.
Ride easy, subject to conditions. (Subject to weather).

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DECEMBER: 2018 (No Club Meeting)

Other rides not scheduled: for review or further information for rides/events.

1. If the Paria River north route is opened, the Club should plan to have a huge party there and schedule a ride up the river. And Later conduct a Hamburger reception.

2. For eastbound travel, meet just west of Wingate (near the Vet’s facility) US 89, 8 miles east of Kanab. Park between Wingate and the Vet’s office along the white fence. Southbound or west travel meet at the Shortstop in Fredonia, and for northbound travel meet at the Port of Entry north of Kanab on US 89.

3. Suggestion; alternate ride from Fredonia to the Clamshell petroglyphs, and the Fredonia Pictographs at the gap. Afterward late lunch at the Juniper Ridge sports bar. Meet at the Shortstop parking lot in Fredonia.

4. Suggestion; ride Muddy Creek to Cedar Mtn. alternative, ride the Northfork road. 

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Questions: Rides and Events

1. What does the ATV Club Bylaws say about ATV Club rides?
The ATV Club Bylaws designate Club Rides for each third Saturday after the Club meeting. These monthly rides may be changed as determined by the Trail Boss.
Complaints of the ride destinations and/or changes made or ride experiences, speed, trail conditions, et el., should be directed to the Ride and Event Chair, Tony Wright at 435 899-8116.

2. Riders rules.
Each person is responsible to make sure that the following rider is aware of all turns. Stop and make sure that the following rider knows where you are going. (Look for a hand wave and respond likewise). If the rider following you does not appear, stop and wait, eventually the entire group will stop. Do not follow too close and moderate your speeds and distances. Please keep pace with the rider ahead of you so as not to slow down the following riders. If you are unsure of your ability ‘stop’ and ask for assistance.

3. Does the ATV Club Conduct Social Events?
Yes, because of member interest, Camp-outs, additional rides, Vehicle/ATV tours, parades, and the annual holiday dinner are scheduled in addition to the third Saturday of the month rides. These events are approved by the membership and presented at Club meetings. Participation is optional, times are subject to change.

4. How does the Club make notifications of rides?
ATV Club rides, campouts and events are posted in a yearly schedule sent out via our up dated, new website, and reminders using our G-Mail, email address list. Updated change notices posted one week before the event if possible. The event schedule will be posted on the ATV Club Website. Questions about posted events should be directed to Sam Smith at 435 644-8236.

5. Does my ATV need to be "street-legal" to participate in a club ride?
Many areas of our rides do not require ATVs to be street legal. However, the enforcement of related laws tends to be very inconsistent. Riders who choose not to license their ATV for use on public roads must recognize that participating in a club ride will be done at their own risk. The rider is solely responsible for any resulting citations. Please note that some trails may restrict OHV’s wider than 50 or 60 inches. The Club and Trail Boss cannot be responsible if you choose to ride a wider OHV’s and are restricted from certain trails, it is your responsibility to know of these restrictions.

6. Does the ATV Club stage and convoy to the Camp-outs?
No, usually the Camp-out location is posted, and directions given to the members.

7. What are the themed social events all about?
The ATV Club conducts social events on pre-designated dates as requested by the membership. Participation is at the discretion of the member. ATV Club sponsored dinners or other sponsored activities are paid from the ‘Split the Pot’ funds collected at our ATV Club meetings.

8. What are the ATV Club Chapters?
The ATV Club has chapters, The Circle of Friends is comprised of out of state members who visit each year usually in October. We will help this group with guiding them on new and old rides and welcoming them to our meetings.
The Vehicle Road Trip Chapter is comprised of members who schedule and enjoy our vehicle road trips. Trips are usually for several days to interesting locations and staying in motels. Those members who wish to be on the road trip mail list will receive notifications of planned road trips.

Ride conditions vary depending on route conditions. Some rides are rocky and dusty and as such could be rated difficult due to length or conditions. Other rides could be extreme due to weather. Rides are guided to various overlooks and sites.