2018 Kanab’s 4th of July parade details

4th of July Kanab parade, Wednesday, 8:30 AM. Free registration at the Tourism Office 8:00 AM. ATV Club members arrive by 8:30 AM and decorate your ATV/OHV’s, at designated staging area; meet on the north side of the Heritage House on Main Street at 100 South. Park your machines along the south side of 100 South which is usually shaded. The parade starts at 10;00 AM.
Check for details on the Club Website. Helen Reese is handling the purchase of beads and candy, to be reimbursed by the Club. Volunteers needed to help set up and planning the 4th of July Parade from the ATV Club. Please RSVP Helen Reese to let her know if you are participating in the parade with the ATV Club. She suggests that riders bring their own additional decorations, beads and candy as well. Helen really needs someone that can store the beads until the 4th. They will be arriving on Tuesday. She needs some help the day before to sort beads and candy into bags to give out at the parade. Helen will need names and contact information by June 30 at the latest.
Contact or mail your RSVP to: Helen Reese: mistie47@hotmail.com

After the parade find yourself at Jacob Hamblin Park for vendors, entertainment and many more festivities throughout the day and into the evening.

Once the sun sets at 9:30 prepare yourself for one of the most unique firework shows you have ever seen! Fireworks shoot off overhead at Jacob Hamblin park, illuminating the red cliffs while sending echos all throughout the town! Celebrate Independence day in small town USA and we're sure you'll return again and again!

4th of July Parade

The ATV Club participates in Kanab’s annual Fourth of July Celebration, by a large contengient of members driving their OHV’s in the parade.

Details coming soon.